What do we offer if an event is cancelled?

Official notice of 20 March 2020 | COVID-19

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Dear pilots,

With COVID-19 we are certainly confronting the worst sanitary crisis ever.

This situation without precedent has plunged the entire economy in an unseen crisis and affects all sectors, without exception, including the motorsport sector and consequently also the track day organisers.

Circuits, track day organisers and external service providers (photographers, circuit managers, paramedics, dog handlers, mechanics, ...) run the risk of paying a high price and maybe of not even surviving if the decisions are not in proportion to the challenges that are exceptional due to their extent and suddenness.

That is why we must show a sense of responsibility and solidarity to overcome this ordeal which is a threat to motorsports.

More then ever you must place your trust in the choices we make to solve the problems we are faced with:

  • How can we refund all the participants to a canceled event, if the circuit managers are unable to do so, because they themselves will face financial problems when cancellations multiply during the next days, weeks, and hopefully not months?
  • Would it be fair to refund 100 % of the participants to the first track events, but maybe not the last ones, due to a lack of means?
  • Would we adopt a responsible attitude if we did not refund anyonoe, under the pretext that insurance companies do not cover the pandemic risk?
  • How can we accept that the work carried out by us - track day organisers - since last November, that the investments we have made to welcome you in the best way possible, and that our operating costs are not taken into consisderation for the refund of your payment?

In light of all these questions and after careful consideration we have decided, in full responsibility, to offer the following possibilities - between which you have the choice - in case of cancellation of an event:

  1. Postponement of the event
    • This is our preferred solution, which will be adopted if the circuit is able to propose a new date this year;
    • You will be informed of this eventual new date as soon as things go back to normal;
  2. Vouchers
    • Conversion of your registration amount for 100 %;
    • No cost to you;
    • Valid untill 2023 included;
    • Vouchers are not personal and can be used by anyone;
    • Modalities to help us to survive this crisis:
      • the vouchers will be issued per 100 € (e.g. you signed up for an amount of 360 €; we offer you 3 vouchers of 100 € and 1 voucher of 60 €);
      • our booking system accepts 1 voucher per booking;
  3. Refund
    • We refund 65 % of your payment, for all events that are cancelled or postponed due to the corona virus, provided that the track firs reimbursed us;
    • In the event of a partial reimbursement, we will be obliged to make a pro rata refund;
    • Please note: this is a financial reimbursement on your bank account and not a credit with voucher(s);

We believe that these decisions guarantee:

  • that all economic actors involved in motorsport, the tracks, our suppliers, our partners and ourselves will be supported;
  • a continuity of the services so that also in the future we will be able to offer you high-quality track events during this season and the next ones;

Therefore, we count on your understanding and your solidarity with all actors bringing motorsports to life and we assure you that we as well as all the economic actors we mentioned for your sake fight for our survival.

We thank you for your trust and are already looking forward to seeing you back on track soon!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Kind regards,

Frank and Team EYBIS