EYBIS stands for "Enjoy Your Bike In Safety".

We sell package tours for motorcyclists to destinations in 9 European countries.

Each destination is a renowned circuit where you can enjoy several days with your motorcycle during free riding sessions, divided into - usually - 4 different levels.

The following is included in every package tour:

  • a standing place in the paddock of the circuit for you and your traveling companions, and your mobile home, (cara)van, tent, van and/or car and trailer - including electricity, water and showers - during the entire time of your stay at your chosen destination;
  • five to seven riding sessions per day of - usually - twenty minutes per session, at the circuit of your destination;
  • one or more medical teams, a recovery team, the necessary professional track marshals and a manned control center, who are ready for your safety every riding day;
  • timekeeping with - for safety - optimization of the riding groups every half day;
  • quality coffee, ground on site, in the "Orga pit box", every day from morning to evening;
  • a reception with beer, soft drinks, coffee and small snacks; at the end of each driving day, except the last day;
  • information and advice about the route to be taken to each destination, about the different possible airports near the destination, the recommended companies to book a rental car (for long-distance destinations);
  • overnight stay in the paddock of the circuit - always - from the night before your first driving day - and sometimes - until the night after your last driving day;

Options offered at each destination at an additional cost:

  • Rental of a complete pit box or a single place in a pit box during the time of your stay;
  • Tire Service;
  • Photo service;

At every travel destination we provide an unforgettable experience - a real experience, so to speak - so we often simply call them "events".

Since our start in 2005, we have welcomed more than 50,000 customers from 25 countries to our events in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. WELCOME !    


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