Dear {{firstname}},

We were informed this evening that some participants @ our double event on the Misano and Mugello circuits would now have tested positive for COVID-19 (all French who were present at both MIsano and Mugello and stood together in some pit boxes).

Despite no one has been admitted by the Misano circuit staff without submitting a negative COVID-19 test of maximum 72 hours old, apparently this could have happened in one way or another ... at a restaurant? ... in a roadside fuel situation? ... between the moment of taking the test and arriving at the circuit? ... ???

We would therefore like to inform you about this, so that you can respond to it in the way that makes you feel best. If you come into contact with persons at risk, we recommend that you get tested.

This e-mail is part of our constant pursuit of honest, fast and transparent communication.

Kind regards,

Frank and Team EYBIS