Dear {{firstname}},

You subscribed a while ago for the EYBIS event @ HOCKENHEIMRING on Saturday-Sunday 12-13 June 2021.

We are looking forward seeing you there.


Please read ALL INFO about the event in advance (which you can find on our website via the red button below).

There is still time until Friday, June 4th - 10:00 PM (22h00) to for example:

  • Reserve a full pit box
  • Reserve a place in a pit box
  • Mail us a request to bring a companion (according to the procedure described in "All INFO")

Due to the numerous specific CORONA measures, it is more important than ever to read this INFO ASAP completely!

This is the only way to relax and enjoy a well-prepared event (bot by you and by us)!

Read the answers to questions such as:

  • Do I need a negative COVID-19 PCR test to participate?
  • Is it allowed to stay overnight in the paddock?
  • Are visitors allowed?
  • Are the showers open?
  • Is there catering?
  • How will the on-site access control and administration be done?
  • Is a mouth mask mandatory?
  • Etc.

All INFO and procedures in the regard can be found via the red button below!


See you soon!

Sporty regards,