Fr-Mo 2-5 Mar 2018


Enduro weekend in Morocco

Experience not required

The Adventure Academy is not aimed at extreme enduring athletes, but at Adventure riders who want to master the principles of off-road driving and at the same time want to have fun!

This short trip offers adventure on a human level, supported by lessons and / or riding tips and the exceptional setting of the country that played a key role in the original Dakar rally.

Only 8 places

Places are limited to a Maximum of 8 adventurers!

When am I expected?

  • On Friday the 2nd of March 2018, during the day, in the Agadir Airport

  • Agadir is an easy to reach airport
  • Transport from the airport to the Hotel is provided by us

Adventure Academy Weekend

  • Saturday 3 and Sundayt 4 March 2018

When can I fly back?

  • On Monday 5 March 2018 (hours and flight to be chosen by you)
  • Transport from the hotel to the airport is provided by us

The south of Morocco @ the Atlantic ocean.

Agadir is the place of departure and arrival (1st and 3rd overnight stay).

The second night will take place in Mirleft.

Because of the influence of the ocean, the climate is temperate.
Expect 20-25 degrees.

With Agadir, we offer you a unique location with a moderate and soft climate, perfect for adventure riding!

Fly to Agadir

We will come to pick you up at the airport of Agadir on Friday, March 2nd, 2018, and bring you back on Monday March 5th, 2018.

You have to book your plane tickets yourself. This is possible e.g. via Ryanair.


Fri 2 March 2018

  • Arrival (during the day, depending on your flight)
  • Transport from the airport to the hotel in Agadir (arranged by us for you)
  • First general briefing
  • Overnight stay in Agadir

Sat 3 March 2018

  • Start @ 9am with 2h off road basic instruction
  • Off road ride from Agadir to Mirleft

  • Lunch on the road

  • Dinner and overnight stay in Mirleft

Sun 4 March 2018

  • Off road ride from Mirleft to Agadir

  • Varied ride with initiation moments and adjusted routes depending on the level of the group

  • Lunch on the road

  • Arrival and overnight stay in Agadir.

Mon 5 March 2018

  • Breakfast and transport to the airport


  • Transport from | to Agadir Airport
  • All Overnight stays
    • 3 nights in a double room
  • All Meals
    • 3 suppers (Fri-Sat-Sun)
    • 2 lunches (Sat-Sun)

    • 3 breakfast meals (Sat-Sun-Mon)
  • Enduro bike rental (KTM 450)

The rent of your motorcycle is included

  • Gasoline

  • Guide | Coach
  • Instruction
  • Road book
  • Assistance car during the entire trip

Not included

  • Return to Agadir
  • TIP: you can fly with Ryanair on Agadir


In short

Everything is included, except your plane ticket (s).

Riders equipment


Good off road equipment

  • High off road boats
  • Textile trousers with knee protection
  • Textile jacket with aeration
  • Off road helmet and glasses

  • Gloves


  • Protection for shoulders and elbows


  • Passport that is valid for at least another 6 months
  • International driving license
    • In case of police control, you must - legally - be able to show an international driving license
    • You can request this - as a supplement to your ordinary driving license - at the town or city hall
  • Bancontact | Credit card
    • In Morocco you can easily withdraw money with bancontact
    • In the hotel, EURO's can be exchanged if desired
  • Ball pen (for filling in customs formallities)
  • Swimming trunks (the hotel has a swimming pool)
  • Sunglasses | sun cream for on the go
  • Short and light shoes for the evening
  • Sweater (evenings / nights can be fresh)Pe

Off road instruction

  • We have a large infrastructure in Morocco, near Agadir

  • The off road basic instruction takes place Saturday morning on a varied private terrain (2h)
  • Afterwards - on the way during the off road trip to Mirleft - further training is provided with:
    • navigation tips

    • viewing techniques

    • different postures, depending on the surface

    • etc.


  • The off road instruction is not mandatory, but it is part of the general idea to:
    • do more than just ride

    • raise everyone's level

  • The instruction is adapted at the level of the group. Our private learning domain offers enough diversity for this:
    • flat lesson grounds
    • enduropists
    • a motorcross circuit
  • Depending on the level of the group, these 3 zones are used and the lessons are adjusted

  • All lessons are focused on engine control and adventure riding, not on setting a faster time on the MX circuit

What is a lot of difference in level?

Based on the lessons and the first part of the ride, we determine whether the group stays together or is split into 2 level groups.

On Friday and Monday

Depending on your hour of arrival on Friday, and departure on Monday, you still have the chance to visit Agadir and its surroundings.

Do not hesitate to call Frank!

Mobile: + 32 476 691 091