BMW Festival

BMW uniquement!


  • Organisé par BMW France
  • Cet événement regroupera de nombreuses activités sur circuit, un village, des exposition, des animations pour enfants, une démonstration de voltige ou encore une parade sur la piste Grand Prix
  • L’objectif est de rassembler toute la communauté BMW et les plonger dans l’univers M Town
  • Cet événement est à la base un événement voitures, pour lequel nous pouvons offrir à 40 possesseurs d’une moto BMW l’opportunité de participer à cet événement pas seulement comme spectateur, mais de rouler avec leur propre moto BMW sur la piste Grand Prix



  • Pack M Town Riding - 99 €

    • Accès enceinte générale
    • Parking
    • 3 sessions de roulages de 20 min avec votre propre moto BMW sur la piste Grand Prix
    • Test sur circuit avec la nouvelle S 1000 RR avec le pack M
    • Animations
    • Initiation à la dérive sur zone à faible adhérence au volant d’une BMW M*
    • Essais routiers au volant d’un modèle exclusif de la gamme BMW et BMW M Performance*
    • Expérience Off Road au volant d’un modèle exclusif de la gamme BMW X*
    • Closed Room BMW: à l’intérieur d’un box, les participants auront l’occasion de découvrir en avant première un futur modèle BMW M
    • Découverte de modèles BMW M exclusifs exposés dans l’enceinte du village exposant
    • Animations pour enfants, avec circuit de voitures télécommandées entre autres
    • Nombreuses autres surprises

      *Réservation uniquement possible sur place (sous réserve de disponibilité



  • Pack M Town Experience - 149 €

    • = Pack M Town Riding
    • + Coaching & Baptème avec une BMW M sur la piste Grand Prix


The track of Magny-Cours is located in central France, in the department of Nevers, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.a


Formula 1

The Formula 1 of France was held a total of 18 consecutive times @ Magny-Cours (1991 - 2008).

Michael Schumacher won no less than 8 times!

2006 | Schumacher wins his 8th and last GP F1 @ Magny-Cours

Bol d'Or

The Bol d'Or - an important 24-hours race since 1922 !), counting for the World Endurance Championship - has been organized a total of 15 consecutive times (2000-2014) @ Magny-Cours.

2014 | Start of the 15th and last Bol d'Or @ Magny-Cours

World SBK

Since 2003, the World SBK comes every year to Magny-Cours

2017 | World SBK | Chaz Davies wins @ Magny-Cours

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Riding time

  • 3 sessions of 20' free riding per day
  • view "Timeschedule" for more details

Free third party liability (TPL) insurance

Free overnight stay possible in the guarded paddock (equipped with electricity, water and showers)

Photo service



  • 11 officially certified track officials with radio connection
  • intervention team / safety car
  • staff for video surveillance of the complete track (during the sessions)


  • medical centre with 2 doctors
  • 2 manned ambulances with 4 nurses

Experienced organization (since 2005)

Usually this is impossible

Normally, you can test a BMW during a session of 20' on the circuit.
Renting a BMW for a day or a complete event is usually impossible.

In next cases however, it's possible

For people who can prove that geographically they come from too far to be able to bring their own motorcycle to our event, we can make an exception.

Concretely this usually means: living outside Europe.

That way, we already could welcome at our events clients coming from:

  • Australia
  • California (USA)
  • Canada
  • Lebanon
  • Russia
  • South-Africa
  • South-America

The number of motorcycles is limited.


Included in the price of 600 € / day are:

  • transport of the bike to and from the event
  • tyre warmers
  • set tyres
  • fuel consumption
  • mechanic that permanently keeps the bike in good condition:
    • check before the start of the day on the circuit
      • oil level
      • chain tension
      • brake pads
      • tyre condition
      • fuel tank
    • check before the start of your first session
      • tyre temperature
  • refueling whenever necessary
  • insurance, with a franchise of 2.000 €

To pay in cash on the spot: 600 € / day + 2.000 € caution
At the end of the event, we refund your caution of 2.000 €, unless your rental bike would be damaged


Send a mail to, stipulating

  1. to what event you would like to come
  2. in what country you live
  3. that you would like to rent an S 1000 RR

Ater internal approval of your request for a rental bike, EYBIS will confirm by mail that there is an S 1000 RR reserved for you during the concerned event.

Book the event, and pay with credit card.

The evening before the event, come to the administration desk in the EYBIS box to fulfill all the necessary administrative formalities and to be introduced to your BMW and your mechanic. "Fulfilling administrative formalities" concerns:

  • Submit
    • ID card
    • Drivers licence
    • Credit card
  • Fill out and sign the rental agreement
  • Payment of rent and caution money in cash

102 dB

Only standard exhausts and replacement exhausts with dB-killer are admitted.

If you comply with that rule you will in general not have any noise problems.

Everybody is responsible for the good state of his motorcycle and riders outfit.

Pay special attention to the following:

  • Motorcycle

    • brakes
    • tyres
    • chain tension
    • absence of oil leaks (check crankcase and front fork)
  • Riders outfit

    • motorcycle boots
    • leather motorcycle gloves
    • good fitted full face helmet
    • back protector
    • leather suit (one-piece is recommended, two-piece is tolerated if both pieces are firmly zipped together)

The technical inspection will be done at random.

More info ASAP!

In the paddock

There is a petrol station in the paddock.

You can pay with VISA and Mastercard.

There will be food trucks present

In the paddock

From the night before

  • Permitted and free
  • In the paddock
    • There are several buildings with showers and toilets
    • There are free electricity connections for mobilhomes and caravans

The night after our event

  • Staying overnight for free is allowed, however not directly behind the pitboxes

Outside the paddock

  • 48 pitboxes of 48 m2 (12 x 4m) are available.
  • The keys to the boxes are available between 7PM (19.00) till 10PM @ the EYBIS pitbox.
  • The rental price of a pitbox is 190 € per day + 600 € caution.
  • Payment has to be done directly - with credit card - to the responsible of the circuit in his office, accessible via the pitlane through the door underneath the podium.

In the paddock and in the boxes conventional as well as 3-pole (blue) EURO “Camping”-plugs can be used (= of the type “16 AMP two-pole”).

In the paddock

  • There are several buildings with showers and toilets

In every pitbox

  • There is a toilet
  • It is forbidden to leave your worn tyres in the paddock
  • Drilling or making holes in the ground is prohibited (for example, to secure your tent)
  • No smoking in the boxes, the pitlane and along the circuit
  • Children are not permitted to walk around the pitlane without being accompanied
  • It is forbidden to bring animals to the entire race track area
  • It is forbidden to make “Burnouts”, “Wheelies” or “Stoppies” under penalty of a fine of € 1.000 (imposed by the race track)
  • Motorcycle which is technically 100 % fit
  • dB-killer: only standard exhausts, and after markeet exhausts with dB-killers are authorised
  • Motorcycle riders gearing:
    • leather suit (one-piece recommended, two-pieces authorised)
    • back protector
    • boots
    • gloves
    • fullface helmet
  • Enough water | Fruit | Energy bars
  • ID-card
  • European Health Insurance Card
    • necessary in Spain and Portugal in case of hospitalization
  • Credit card
  • Smartphone
  • Filled in and signed waiver of liability
  • Good temper, discipline, good-fellowship, well-trained body and clear mind

Download waiver of liability

We will not verify this, it 's only for your own comfort / safety, especially in foreign countries.

VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to have your "European Health Insurance Card" (EHIC) with you. By showing this card, people know - in the domain of health (and injury) insurance - that you're completely covered in your own country and that every other country, that is a member of the European Union, has to give you all the needed care.If you haven't obtained your card from your health care insurance, than :

  • apply for a card immediately;
  • if you cannot receive it in time, ask them to e-mail to you a "Provisional replacement certificate for the European Health Insurance Card" (= 1 page, and this can be done immediately);

A list of "Dangerous sports" that are excluded from "urgent medical care abroad". Usually, "racing with car / motorcycle / outboard engines" is listed. But as we do not "race", our activity is not excluded from any treatment. Check if this is also the case with your insurance, and if it is not, just be sure to get an insurance yourself.

EYBIS has not only a very good insurance as an organiser, but insures also - on every event - all participants with a good TPL (= third partie liability) insurance.

If you have a racing license from your national motorcycle council, be sure to bring it with you.

  • With EYBIS, the Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in your enrolment price since years;
  • Some circuits require a license. The only reason for this is that there is a TPL insurance included in it;
  • Because we provide for all participants - included in the price - such a TPL insurance, a license is not requested during our events and yet you are fully okay;

Paddock access

From the evening before around 19.00


Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours

Rond Point Accueil Média
Technopôle BP12
58470 Magny-Cours

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Cancellations / Waiting lists

  • 80 % of our events are 1 upto 3 months in advance sold out;
  • We don't use waiting lists for those who were too late to book, who would like to have a chance to buy a place from someone who cancels his participation;
  • But - for events which are already fully booked - each cancellation of a place, is immediately communicated on our Facebook page;
  • This means that everybody who has liked our FB page, will immediately be informed about new free places;

Instant info

Short "instant info" will be communicated only via our Facebook page, as for example:

  • The practical information from an event which went online minutes ago, or just has been completed;
  • Access to the paddock is possible from now on (if earlier than planned);
  • There are 2 cancellations for fully booked event X, in group Y or Z;
  • Very well known person X just informed us that he / she will be participating @ event Y;
  • The pictures of event Z are from now on online;
  • ...

Photos and Videos

  • On our websites, you can find from each event a selection of some photos;
  • On our Facebook page, we put a lot more images from each event (photos, short - non professional - movies, etc.);


  • Via our Facebook page, you can easily communicate with other participants, without knowing them before;
  • You would like to drive together to an event, or you have a place free on your trailer, etc.? It all can be communicated on our Facebook page!

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  • the best pictures of each event
  • what you will never see on our website

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