Fr-Mo 9-12 Jun 2023


There are currently works on paddock B.

The main entrance is therefore closed.

Here is the plan to access the track during the 4 days in june.

New Groups

  • Every 1/2 day (= afternoon and evening) we optimise the groups, based on the lap times
  • You can check your group for the next 1/2 day in 2 ways:
    • In the EYBIS INFO Box  on the big screen
    • Via your SMARTPHONE by clicking the red button below 

Group Check

Best Lap Results

Detailed Results


Instant INFO during the event is communicated via a Whatsapp group in which only the organisation can post INFO.

To join this group you should:

  • Have Whatsapp on your smartphone
  • Have an account on Whatsapp
  • Join our Whatsapp group, by clicking the red button below
  • Whatsapp is a free app
  • You can leave the group at any time

Join the Whatsapp group

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  • EYBIS pitbox


  • Thursday evening
    • 20.30 - 21.00


  • Friday morning
    • 07.30 - 08.15
  • Friday evening
    • 20.30 - 21.00


  • Saturday morning
    • 07.30 - 08.15
  • Saturday evening
    • 20.30 - 21.00


  • Sunday morning
    • 07.30 - 08.15
  • Sunday evening
    • 20.30 - 21.00


  • Monday morning
    • 07.30 - 08.15


  • ID-card
  • Waiver of liability, with on it:
    • First- & Lastname
    • ID card number
    • Read and approved
    • Signature

Waiver of liability


  • ID card


  • Completed | Signed waiver of liability


  • Number for on your bike
    • stick it on the front, right side
  • Transponder for timekeeping
  • Timing

Riding time

  • 6 sessions of free riding per day
  • view "Timeschedule" for more details

Test possibility of the BMW S 1000 RR on track, at 25 € per test session of 20'

Family tour for everybody @ the end of every riding day, except the last one

  • 1 lap on track @ 30 km/h behind the EYBIS coaches
  • only the helmet is mandatory, being with 2 on the bike = OK
  • sympathic family moment

Free drink immediately after the family tour is unfortunately no longer allowed according to article 6 of the new internal regulations of the Mettet circuit ***

Free timekeeping: every half day, the groups will be optimized based on the lap times

Free overnight stay possible in the guarded paddock (equipped with electricity, water and showers)

Free quality coffee in the EYBIS box : only allowed in the morning between 07.00 - 09.00 (Article 6 of the new internal regulations of the Mettet circuit) ***

Tyre service at € 15 / tyre

  • remove the old tyre
  • put on the new tyre
  • wheel balancing

Technical service

Photo service



  • 9 officially certified track officials with radio connection
  • 1 operational chief
  • intervention team


  • medical centre
  • 1 ambulance
  • 1 doctor
  • 2 nurses

Experienced organization (since 2005)


*** Screenshot from the new internal regulations of the Mettet circuit:

Mettet is a French-speaking municipality of Belgium, in the province of Namur.

The Meuse, with the Citadel of Namur on the background

Circuit Mettet

Google Maps

Paddock access

From the evening before 19.30




Circuit de Mettet

Rue Saint-Donat 6
5640 Mettet

Google Maps

New Groups

  • Every 1/2 day (= afternoon and evening) we optimise the groups, based on the lap times
  • You can check your group for the next 1/2 day in 2 ways:
    • In the EYBIS INFO Box on the big screen
    • Via your SMARTPHONE by clicking the red button below
    • Password: 2930

Check Group

BMW S 1000 RR test

In 2023, for the 12th consecutive year, EYBIS has the support of the factory BMW Motorrad in Munich.

This means we can enable you to test the new BMW S 1000 RR on the track!
The cost of a test ride is 25 €.
This includes:

  • insurance (max. costs in the event of a crash = 2.000 €)
  • tyre usage
  • gasoline for one session of a 20' ride (in your own group instead of your own motorcycle)

After the morning briefing you can - between 9.00 and 10.00 - register for a test session.

What to bring along:

  • ID card
  • Driver's license
  • Credit card (2.000 € guarantee)

Together we will determine in which session you will test the new BMW S 1000 RR on the track.
Then we attend you at the EYBIS pit box 15’ before your test session, where you will be assigned a coach.
After a brief introduction, he will explain the main features of your test motorcycle.
After finishing your test ride you will be "received" by your coach who will be interested in your feedback.

Ideal and cheap, is flying with Ryanair.

Possible flight destinations - with Ryanair - with distance and time to Mettet:

1. Brussels Charleroi | 35 km | 33'
2. Brussels Zaventem | 102 km | 1h08'

Other airports in Belgium, at a realistic distance from Mettet:

3. Liège | 90 km | 57'
4. Antwerp | 140 km | 1h34'


101 dB Dynamic

Standard exhausts
Replacement exhausts with dB-killer

Dynamic noise control

  • During your sessions on the track, the noise you make is measured dynamically (= while riding)
  • Dynamic limit = 101 dB
  • If you exceed this limit with a:
    • replacement exhaust without dB)killer, the circuit will ban you immediately from further participation, without a second chance
    • standard exhaust, or an aftermarket exhaust with a dB-killer, the circuit gives you a second chance, after you having worked out a solution for your noise problem, and presenting it

Everybody is responsible for the good state of his motorcycle and riders outfit.

Pay special attention to the following:

  • Motorcycle

    • brakes
    • tyres
    • chain tension
    • absence of oil leaks (check crankcase and front fork)
  • Riders outfit

    • motorcycle boots
    • leather motorcycle gloves
    • good fitted full face helmet
    • back protector
    • leather suit (one-piece is recommended, two-piece is tolerated if both pieces are firmly zipped together)

The technical inspection will be done at random.

Marc Bossiroy Photography




  • From the start of the registration
  • Open between 07:30 – 19:30
  • Last day of the event until min. 16:00


  • You have to take the wheel out of your motobike yourself
  • Tyre service for 15 € / wheel
    • Remove the old tyre
    • Fit the new tyre
    • Balance the wheel

Buying tyres

  • All common brands, sizes and compounds – e.g. Pirelli, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Dunlop.

Order tyres = be sure!

  • Especially for road tyres, or special sizes and compounds, we ask you to order in advance (2 weeks before the event)


Telephone: +32 474 611 987



Payment on site

  • Cash only

In the paddock

There is no petrol station in the paddock.

Don't forget to bring one or two jerry cans with you.

Outside of the paddock

TOTAL petrol station

Distance = 500 m | Time = 1'

+ 32 71 72 77 70

Rue de Saint-Donat 1
5640 Mettet

Google Maps

  • There is a snack bar in the red building in the paddock, open the whole day
  • At 500 m of the circuit (direction Mettet Center), there is also a snack bar / chips stand
  • In the surroundings, there are some nice little restaurants for the evening

In the paddock

From the night before

  • Permitted and free
  • In the centre of the paddock there is a blue building with free showers
  • For mobile homes, there are free electricity connections in the paddock

The night after our event

  • Staying overnight for free is allowed, however not directly behind the pitboxes

Outside the paddock


Proposed by the circuit

Kamers met ontbijt

Proposed by the circuit

  • There are only 5 pitboxes of 70 sqm available
  • Rental price / Box / Day = 160 €

In the paddock and in the boxes conventional as well as 3-pole (blue) EURO “Camping”-plugs can be used (= of the type “16 AMP two-pole”).

On the ground floor of the red building.

  • It is forbidden to leave your worn tyres in the paddock
  • Drilling or making holes in the ground is prohibited (for example, to secure your tent)
  • No smoking in the boxes, the pitlane and along the circuit
  • Children are not permitted to walk around the pitlane without being accompanied
  • It is forbidden to bring animals to the entire race track area
  • It is forbidden to make “Burnouts”, “Wheelies” or “Stoppies” under penalty of a fine of € 1.000 (imposed by the race track)
  • Motorcycle which is technically 100 % fit
  • dB-killer: only standard exhausts, and after markeet exhausts with dB-killers are authorised
  • Motorcycle riders gearing:
    • leather suit (one-piece recommended, two-pieces authorised)
    • back protector
    • boots
    • gloves
    • fullface helmet
  • Enough water | Fruit | Energy bars
  • ID-card
  • Credit card
  • Smartphone
  • Filled in and signed waiver of liability
  • Good temper, discipline, good-fellowship, well-trained body and clear mind

Download waiver of liability

At 8:30 AM in the pitlane.

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Cancellations / Waiting lists

  • 80 % of our events are 1 upto 3 months in advance sold out;
  • We don't use waiting lists for those who were too late to book, who would like to have a chance to buy a place from someone who cancels his participation;
  • But - for events which are already fully booked - each cancellation of a place, is immediately communicated on our Facebook page;
  • This means that everybody who has liked our FB page, will immediately be informed about new free places;

Instant info

Short "instant info" will be communicated only via our Facebook page, as for example:

  • The practical information from an event which went online minutes ago, or just has been completed;
  • Access to the paddock is possible from now on (if earlier than planned);
  • There are 2 cancellations for fully booked event X, in group Y or Z;
  • Very well known person X just informed us that he / she will be participating @ event Y;
  • The pictures of event Z are from now on online;
  • ...

Photos and Videos

  • On our websites, you can find from each event a selection of some photos;
  • On our Facebook page, we put a lot more images from each event (photos, short - non professional - movies, etc.);


  • Via our Facebook page, you can easily communicate with other participants, without knowing them before;
  • You would like to drive together to an event, or you have a place free on your trailer, etc.? It all can be communicated on our Facebook page!

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  • what you will never see on our website

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  • Always state your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code
  • Emails without this information will be deleted without replying to them