Estoril + Portimao

Mo-Fr 18-22 Sep 2023



Instant INFO during the event is communicated via a Whatsapp group in which only the organisation can post INFO.

To keep up to date with the latest INFO during the event, you should:

  • Have Whatsapp on your smartphone
  • Have an account on Whatsapp
  • Join our Whatsapp group, by clicking the red button below
  • Whatsapp is a free app
  • You can leave the group at any time

Join the Whatsapp group

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Place in a Box

  • We offer you - as a participant - a FREE place in a pitbox

Riding time

  • Monday
    • 7 sessions free riding
  • Tuesday
    • 5 sessions free riding
    • Possibility to participate @ the POWERTROPHY, a 2 hours endurance (teams of 2 pilots, no licence required, podium for the top 5)


Free time

  • Wednesday

(transfert Portimao - Estoril = 300 km | 3h)


Place in a Box

  • We offer you - as a participant - a FREE place in a pitbox

Riding time

  • Thursday
    • 6 sessions free riding
  • Friday
    • 6 sessions free riding

On both tracks

Test possibility of the BMW S 1000 RR on track, at 25 € per test session of 20'

Free drink immediately after the family tour

  • nice social moment together

Free third party liability (TPL) insurance

Free timekeeping: every half day, the groups will be optimized based on the lap times

Free overnight stay possible in the guarded paddock (equipped with electricity, water and showers)

Tyre service at € 15 / tyre

  • remove the old tyre
  • put on the new tyre
  • wheel balancing

Technical service

Photo service


  • Circuit
    • officially certified track officials with radio connection
    • intervention team / safety car
    • staff for video surveillance of the complete track (during the sessions)
  • Medical
    • medical centre
    • 2 manned ambulances

Experienced organization (since 2005)


We have created a second Whatsapp Group - which we call from now on the "CHAT BOX" - in which all participants can post.

This group is mainly intended to ask each other questions (and give each other answers) about a spare part you need, a certain INFO that you cannot find on the website (even if it is indeed there ;-), etc.

People who abuse this group or make inappropriate posts will be removed and blocked.
If the group would be massively abused and miss its target, the group will be deactivated by the organisation.

There will be no official information or communication posted in this Group.

The organisation is not a member of this groupo and will therefore not answer any questions.

It is not necessary to join this group, but it can be fun and sometimes even useful. You can leave this group at all times.



  • Amateur endurance of 2 hours with Teams of 2 Pilots
  • License not required
  • Rolling start after warm up lap
  • Podium with trophies and cava for the TOP 5 (so the first 10 pilotes)


  • Tuesday 19 September 2023 | 15h - 17h


  • 60 € / pilot


  • Podium with Trophees and 10 bottles of Cava for the first 5 Teams


  • You can register online and on site


  • Since 2012, we have organised the "300 km of PORTIMAO" powerTrophy Endurance Race every year
  • The most successful edition in terms of number of participants took place in 2013 (see below)
  • In later years the fastest lap time went down by 4 seconds compared to the fastest time in 2013


Paddock access

From the evening before around 17.30


Autodromo Internacional Algarve
(Circuit of Portimao)

Sitio do Escampadinho
Mexilhoeira Grande
8500-148 Portimao

Google Maps


Paddock access

From the evening before at 20.00 (if this changes, we will communicate this in the Whatsapp INSTANT INFO group)


Circuito Estoril

Av. Alfredo César Torres
Apartado 49
2646 - 901 Alcabideche

Google Maps


  • EYBIS pitbox (number will be communicated ASAP in the Whatsapp INSTANT INFO group).


  • Sunday evening
    • 18.30 - 20.00
  • Monday morning
    • 7.30 - 8.15


  • ID-card
  • Waiver of liability, with on it:
    • First- & Lastname
    • ID card number
    • Read and approved
    • Signature

Waiver of liability

Participation Form


  • ID card


  • Completed | Signed waiver of liability


  • Number for on your bike
    • stick it on the front, right side
  • Transponder for timekeeping
  • Time schedule

New Groups

  • Every 1/2 day (= afternoon and evening) we optimise the groups, based on the lap times
  • You can check your group for the next 1/2 day in 2 ways:
    • In the EYBIS INFO Box  on the big screen
    • Via your SMARTPHONE by clicking the red button below 

Group Check

Best Lap Results

Detailed Results


Portimao is a port city, located at the mouth of the Rio Arade.
The fish industry is an important source of income in this city.

The new port of Portimao

On the other side of the new port of Portimao lies Ferragudo.


In addition, Portimao is also an important trading town, and the large beach of Praia da Rocha is an important attraction.

Praia da Rocha

Navigating the old trade route via the Rio Arade to Silves is another tourist attraction.

In 2017 we went on tour with this fantastic boat

Castle | Silves

Near Portimao, 6 km away, is Alvor, a picturesque village with a beach within walking distance.


At 35 km - east of Portimao - lies Albufeira, which has become one of the most important and busiest tourist resorts in Portugal.


Another pearl in the Portuguese Algarve is the port city of Lagos, located 25 km west of Portimao.

Center | Lagos

Beach | Lagos

To the Circuit of Portimao

Circuit | Portimao

The Portimao circuit was first used for the World SBK competition in October 2008.

A year later - in 2009 - we organized the first EYBIS event over there.
Since then, we 've returned every year.

Rea won both World SBK races in the Algarve in 2017

In 2020 - the famous "Corona year" - both Formula 1 and MotoGP came to the fantastic Portimao circuit for the first time.

Portuguese hero Miguel Oliveira took pole position with a scorching 1.38,892.
This was also the fastest time ever driven over there with a two-wheeler.

The day after, he also won the race with great dominance.


Estoril is a very popular resort in Portugal, in the picturesque municipality of Cascais.

At the beach you will find several cafes and clubs where the party starts in the evening.

Estoril is also an ideal holiday destination for those who love golf.
There are beautiful golf courses and special golf hotels.


The Estoril coast is close to Lisbon.

Rossio square | Lisbon

Furthermore Estoril is known for the "Autodromo do Estoril" and the huge casino.

World famous casino | Estoril

The GP circuit of Estoril was built in 1972.

Between 1984 and 1996, 13 Formula 1 races were held.
Ayrton Senna won his first GP F1 in 1985 @ Estoril.

Senna | First F1 win | Estoril | 1985

Between 2000 and 2012, 13 MotoGP races were held.
Valentino Rossi won 5 times the 500 cc / MotoGP race.
In 2006, Pedrosa crashed out his former teammate Hayden, making the latter almost miss the world title.

Pedrosa (26) & Hayden (69) shortly before their crash

In 2020 - the famous "Corona year", the re-emerging circuit of Estoril suddenly got a WorldSBK race.

That same year there was also a brand new FIM EWC World Championship endurance race of 12 hours on the program: the 12 Hours of Estoril.

To the Circuit of Estoril


  • Optional motorcycle transport from 4 pick-up points
  • Clickable as an option of 449 € during your online booking of the event


Date / Time / Address will be communicated personally



Google Maps



Google Maps



Google Maps



Google Maps

UNLOADING - Where and When

At the same points where loading took place.
Date / Time is agreed when loading after the event in ESTORIL.

Mike 'Spike' Edwards

Do you want to learn the ideal racing line on any track?

Then you will definitely want to look at the Track Guide Videos of Mike 'Spike' Edwards.

Mike's Website

Mike does not only show the ideal racing line, he also explains what happens in the video.

That way you can prepare your next Track Day Event with us at home!

EYBIS-customers get 50% off when using the code "EYBIS19".

Track Guide Video PORTIMAO

Track Guide Video ESTORIL

Ideal and cheap, is flying with Ryanair.

Outward flight

  • Flying to Faro
  • Distance | Time from the airport to Portimao:

1. Faro | 66 km | 48'

Return flight

  • Fly back from Lisbon
  • Distance | Time from Estoril to the airport:

2. Lisbon | 32 km | 45'


    Pick-up | Faro


    The most simple solution is to fly with Ryanair to Faro (located next to Portimao), and during the online booking procedure, take an option on a rental car.

    Portugal is the cheapest European country when it comes to rental cars.

    We usually book a car from Europcar (they have also an office on the seafront @ Portimao).


    Return | Lisbon


    Flying back - after our event @ Estoril - you do best from Lisbon, where you can return your car at no extra cost.

    In the paddocks

    From the night before

    • Permitted and free
    • In the centre of both paddocks, there is a building with showers
    • For mobile homes, there are electricity connections in the paddock

    The night after our event


    • Pit boxes must be empty at 19:45 at the latest.
    • It is no longer possible to spend the night on the circuit.
    • It is possible to stay outside the circuit on the parking next to the security.

    Outside the paddocks


    Algarve Race Resort *****

    In the middle of the Algarve, between the mountains and the Barrocal, near Portimao, you will find the Algarve Race Hotel & Resort.

    Inserted in the area of the Algarve International Autodrome, the hotel has the magic and the grandeur of the great competitions.

    The proximity to the racetracks in no way detracts from the peace and silence of those who come to rest.

    On the other hand, for lovers of speed and sports with wheels, this is a unique and a must-visit place!

    Book Online



    We have had good experiences with the following 3 hotels:

    Hotel Londres Estoril ***

    The EYBIS team will stay in this hotel. 

    Pestana Sintra Golf Resort & Spa Hotel ****

    For those who want "something more". Very good!

    Distance to circuit = 5 km

    Hotel Ibis Lisboa Sintra **

    Cheap and good!

    Distance to circuit = 8 km

    All the hotels near Estoril are easy to book via


    105 dB


    105 dB


    Everybody is responsible for the good state of his motorcycle and riders outfit.

    Pay special attention to the following:

    • Motorcycle

      • brakes
      • tyres
      • chain tension
      • absence of oil leaks (check crankcase and front fork)
    • Riders outfit

      • motorcycle boots
      • leather motorcycle gloves
      • good fitted full face helmet
      • back protector
      • leather suit (one-piece is recommended, two-piece is tolerated if both pieces are firmly zipped together)

    The technical inspection will be done at random.



    18-19 September 2023




    21-22 September 2023





    • In the morning from 09.00
    • Last riding day of the event till 16.00


    • You should remove the wheel from your bike yourself
    • Tyre service @ 15 € / wheel
      • Remove old tyre
      • Install new tyre
      • Balance the wheel

    Purchase of tyres

    • Is possible but not without limit

    Payment on the spot

    • Cash


    In the paddock

    There is no petrol station in the paddock.

    Don't forget to bring one or two jerrycans with you.

    Outside of the paddock

    BP Fuel Station

    Distance = 11 km | Time = 14'

    + 351 282 476 756

    Opening hours: 7.00 - 22.00

    E.N 125 - Km 109 - Penina
    8500-000 Portimao

    Google Maps


    In the paddock

    There is no petrol station in the paddock.

    Don't forget to bring one or two jerrycans with you.

    Outside of the paddock

    CEPSA Fuel Station

    Distance = 8 km | Time = 8'

    + 34 977 45 70 74

    TV-3025, KM 0,5
    43204 L'Ametlla de Mar

    Google Maps


    There is a restaurant in the paddock (next to the pool), that is open every day from 8.00 untill 19.00.

    You can drink coffee, or something else all day long, on the terrace alongside the pool.


    You can eat and drink in the "Bar Paddock".

    Nearby there is also the "CascaiShopping".
    On the top floor there are numerous great dining options.


    We offer you - as a participant - a FREE place in a pitbox.


    We offer you - as a participant - a FREE place in a pitbox.

    In both paddocks and in the boxes conventional as well as 3-pole (blue) EURO “Camping”-plugs can be used (= of the type “16 AMP two-pole”).


    In the center of the paddock, there is a building with showers and toilets.

    There is also a toilet in each pitbox.


    In the center of the paddock, there is a building with showers and toilets.

    There is also a toilet in each pitbox.

    • It is forbidden to leave your worn tyres in the paddock
    • Drilling or making holes in the ground is prohibited (for example, to secure your tent)
    • No smoking in the boxes, the pitlane and along the circuit
    • Children are not permitted to walk around the pitlane without being accompanied
    • It is forbidden to bring animals to the entire race track area
    • It is forbidden to make “Burnouts”, “Wheelies” or “Stoppies” under penalty of a fine of € 1.000 (imposed by the race track)
    • Motorcycle which is technically 100 % fit
    • dB-killer: only standard exhausts, and after markeet exhausts with dB-killers are authorised
    • Motorcycle riders gearing:
      • leather suit (one-piece recommended, two-pieces authorised)
      • back protector
      • boots
      • gloves
      • fullface helmet
    • Enough water | Fruit | Energy bars
    • ID-card
    • European Health Insurance Card
      • necessary in Spain and Portugal in case of hospitalization
    • Credit card
    • Smartphone
    • Filled in and signed waiver of liability
    • Good temper, discipline, good-fellowship, well-trained body and clear mind

    Download waiver of liability

    Participation Form

    We will not verify this, it 's only for your own comfort / safety, especially in Spain and Portugal.

    VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to have your "European Health Insurance Card" (EHIC) with you. By showing this card, people know - in the domain of health (and injury) insurance - that you're completely covered in your own country and that every other country, that is a member of the European Union, has to give you all the needed care.If you haven't obtained your card from your health care insurance, than :

    • apply for a card immediately;
    • if you cannot receive it in time, ask them to e-mail to you a "Provisional replacement certificate for the European Health Insurance Card" (= 1 page, and this can be done immediately);

    A list of "Dangerous sports" that are excluded from "urgent medical care abroad". Usually, "racing with car / motorcycle / outboard engines" is listed. But as we do not "race", our activity is not excluded from any treatment. Check if this is also the case with your insurance, and if it is not, just be sure to get an insurance yourself.

    EYBIS has not only a very good insurance as an organiser, but insures also - on every event - all participants with a good TPL (= third partie liability) insurance.

    If you have a racing license from your national motorcycle council, be sure to bring it with you.

    Why follow us?

    Cancellations / Waiting lists

    • 80 % of our events are 1 upto 3 months in advance sold out;
    • We don't use waiting lists for those who were too late to book, who would like to have a chance to buy a place from someone who cancels his participation;
    • But - for events which are already fully booked - each cancellation of a place, is immediately communicated on our Facebook page;
    • This means that everybody who has liked our FB page, will immediately be informed about new free places;

    Instant info

    Short "instant info" will be communicated only via our Facebook page, as for example:

    • The practical information from an event which went online minutes ago, or just has been completed;
    • Access to the paddock is possible from now on (if earlier than planned);
    • There are 2 cancellations for fully booked event X, in group Y or Z;
    • Very well known person X just informed us that he / she will be participating @ event Y;
    • The pictures of event Z are from now on online;
    • ...

    Photos and Videos

    • On our websites, you can find from each event a selection of some photos;
    • On our Facebook page, we put a lot more images from each event (photos, short - non professional - movies, etc.);


    • Via our Facebook page, you can easily communicate with other participants, without knowing them before;
    • You would like to drive together to an event, or you have a place free on your trailer, etc.? It all can be communicated on our Facebook page!

    EYBIS on Facebook

    EYBIS @ Instagram

    Follow us on Instagram, and see:

    • the best pictures of each event
    • what you will never see on our website

    EYBIS on Instagram

    Contact us


    • Always state your:
      • First and last name
      • GSM-n° with country code
    • Emails without this information will be deleted without replying to them