Dijon Prenois

Fr-Sa-Su 23-24-25 Aug 2024


Riding time

  • 5 sessions of free riding per day
  • view "Timeschedule" for more details

Family tour for everybody on Saturday @ 17.00

  • 1 lap on track @ 30 km/h behind the EYBIS coaches
  • only the helmet is mandatory, being with 2 on the bike = OK
  • sympathic family moment

Free drink immediately after the family tour

  • nice social moment together

Free timekeeping: every half day, the groups will be optimized based on the lap times

Overnight stay in the guarded paddock (equipped with electricity, water and showers)

Tyre service at € 16 / tyre


  • remove the old tyre
  • put on the new tyre
  • wheel balancing

Photo service


Surveillance of paddock and its entrance

  • Paddock and entrance with guard, 24/24


  • Officially certified track officials with radio connection
  • Intervention team / safety car
  • Staff for video surveillance of the complete track (during the sessions)


  • Medical centre with 2 doctors
  • 2 manned ambulances

Experienced organization (since 2005)


Instant INFO during the event is communicated via a Whatsapp group in which only the organisation can post INFO.

To keep up to date with the latest INFO during the event, you should:

  • Have Whatsapp on your smartphone
  • Have an account on Whatsapp
  • Join our Whatsapp group, by clicking the red button below
  • Whatsapp is a free app
  • You can leave the group at any time

Join the Whatsapp group

We highly recommend this!



We have created a second Whatsapp Group - which we call from now on the "CHAT BOX" - in which all participants can post.

This group is mainly intended to ask each other questions (and give each other answers) about a spare part you need, a certain INFO that you cannot find on the website (even if it is indeed there ;-), etc.

People who abuse this group or make inappropriate posts will be removed and blocked.
If the group would be massively abused and miss its target, the group will be deactivated by the organisation.

There will be no official information or communication posted in this Group.

The organisation is not a member of this groupo and will therefore not answer any questions.

It is not necessary to join this group, but it can be fun and sometimes even useful. You can leave this group at all times.



  • From the start of the registration
  • Open between 07:30 – 19:30
  • Last day of the event until min. 16:00


  • You have to take the wheel out of your motobike yourself
  • Tyre service for 16 € / wheel
    • Remove the old tyre
    • Fit the new tyre
    • Balance the wheel

Buying tyres

  • All common brands, sizes and compounds – e.g. Pirelli, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Dunlop.

Order tyres = be sure!

  • Especially for road tyres, or special sizes and compounds, we ask you to order in advance (2 weeks before the event)


Telephone: +32 474 611 987


FB : Renvro Renvro Renvro


Payment on site

  • Cash 
  • VISA
  • Bancontact

Environmental mat = Mandatory!

Background information

  • The Dijon Prenois circuit has made major investments in their infrastructure in recent years: including a new asphalt layer on the entire circuit, partly new buildings, new pitboxes, a new asphalt layer over the entire paddock, etc.
  • Unfortunately, oil stains were regularly found in the paddock
  • The management of the circuit has therefore compulsorily introduced the environmental mat, since 2020


  • Not mandatory IN the pitboxes
  • MANDATORY to place an ENVIRONMENTAL MAT in the entire paddock under your motorcycle
  • Exception = street-legal motorcycles (with lights, winkers, number plate, etc.) that have not been transported to the circuit, but have come to the circuit by public road while driving

EYBIS environmental mat

  • We have - without any obligation of course - an "EYBIS" environmental mat that you can order from us
  • The EYBIS environmental mat measures 240 x 95 cm and is of TOP quality
  • A similar mat - in terms of dimensions and quality - costs in the trade at least 95 € or more
  • We offer these for the unbeatable price of 70 €, to be paid in cash on the spot
  • You can - if desired - reserve one by e-mail @ management@eybis.com . Your mat will then be ready in the EYBIS pitbox n° 2
  • Reservations can be made until 10 August 2023, or until there are no more
  • If there are still left afterwards, they will also be available on site on the circuit

EYBIS environmental mat - 60 €

TOP quality - 240 x 95 cm

Reserve: management@eybis.com

Jean-Olivier Petitjean - WarmUp Photo


100 dB – Dynamically measured






 Everybody is responsible for the good state of his own motorcycle. Pay special attention to the following :

  • Brakes, tyres, absence of oil leaks (check crankcase and front fork)
  • Riders gearing: motorcycle boots, leather gloves, good fitted full face helmet, back protector and leather suit (one-piece recommended) are mandatory. If the leather suit is a two-piece, then both pieces must be firmly zipped together.

The technical inspection will be done at random.

Online Briefing

  • The mandatory Briefing must be viewed / read online by each participant
  • The circuit management provides a French, English and German version of the Briefing
  • Choose the language that you understand best below


  • After doing this you will receive a QR code via email, please bring it with you
    • We only receive the required wristbands from the circuit management for those who have done this
    • We can not give you access to the circuit without a wristband



  • 12 x 5 = 60 m2

Present in each pitbox

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Toilet

Rental price

From January 1, 2023, the “box rental” price offer will be offered as follows:

  • 225 € tax included / per day / per box 


  • 300 €
  • To be paid before handing over the keys in cash or by credit card

Book and pay a pitbox

  • Online
  • If pitboxes remain, you can also ask to rent a pitbox on site - in the office building of the circuit, during the office hours (until 19h30); in that case payment can be made in cash or by credit card
  • Collectin the key to your pitbox
    • Until 19h30 in the office building of the circuit
    • Afterwards @ the security officer in the room next to the entrance gate of the paddock

Reserve and Pay a Pitbox

1 PLACE in a BOX

  • If you want a place in a box, without having to rent a complete box, this is possible
  • Place in Box for 1 Motorcycle = 60 € / Day
  • Reservations can be made by mail: management@eybis.com
    • Subject: 1 Place in a Box @ DIJON PRENOIS
    • Content: at least your full name + GSM-n° (with country code)
  • Payment: on the spot in appropriate cash

Dijon | Location

Dijon is the capital of the Côte-d'Or department, and of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

Dijon | Place des Cordeliers

Known for

Dijon is known for its mustard, and for the ex-F1 track "Dijon-Prenois", located in the peripheral Prenois.

Track | Location

Google Maps

Track | History

The ex-GP track of Dijon Prenois exists since 1972.

Between 1974 and 1984 the Grand Prix of France Formula 1 has been hosted 5 times by the track of Dijon Prenois.
The winners were: Ronnie Peterson from Sweden (1974), the American world champion Mario Andretti (1977), the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jabouille (1979), the French quadruple world champion Alain Prost (1981) and the Austrian triple world champion Niki Lauda (1984).

Dijon-Prenois | 1974 | Peterson gives Lotus its 20th F1 win

Also the Grand Prix Formula 1 from Switzerland has been organized twice at Dijon Prenois.
Those have been won by the Swiss Clay Regazzoni (1975) and the Finnish world champion Keke Rosberg (1982), father of Nico Rosberg, who became world champion in 2016, 34 years after his father.

The track became world famous in 1979, due to the heroic battle - for second place during the Grand Prix of France - between the Canadian Gilles Villeneuve - father of Jacques Villeneuve, who became world champion in 1997 - and the Frenchman René Arnoux.

1979 video of the battle Villeneuve-Arnoux

The lay-out of the track has been unchanged during all those years, which is unique.
Meanwhile, the surface has of course been renewed several times, the overall security has been improved, and the infrastructure has been modernized.


  • EYBIS pitbox n° 1


  • Thursday
    • 19u30 - 20u30
  • Friday
    • 7.30 - 8.15
    • 19.30 - 20.30
  • Saturday
    • 7.30 - 8.15
  • Sunday
    • 7.30 - 8.15


  • ID-card
  • Waiver of liability, with on it:
    • First- & Lastname
    • ID card number
    • Read and approved
    • Signature

Waiver of liability EYBIS

Waiver of liability DIJON-PRENOIS


  • ID card


  • Completed | Signed waiver of liability


  • Number for on your bike
    • stick it on the front, right side
  • Transponderfor timekeeping
    • Fix it  (on the fairing) on the right side of your bike
  • Timing
  • Map of the track

Ideal and cheap, is flying with Ryanair.

Possible flight destinations, with distance and time to Dijon-Prenois:

  1. Dole | 68 km | 46'
  2. Basel | 265 km | 2h27'
  3. Grenoble | 304 km | 2h45'
  4. Clermont-Ferrand | 352 km | 3h22'


In the paddock

There is a petrol station in the paddock.

Attention: the price is higher than outside the paddock.

Outside of the paddock

Station-service TOTAL Access

"Relais du Bol d'Or"

Distance = 12 km | Time = 10'

+ 33 3 80 57 15 73

Boulevard de Troyes 88
21240 Talant

Google Maps

Meals | Drinks

There is a restaurant in the paddock.

In the paddock

From the night before

  • In the paddock there is a building with showers and toilets
  • For mobile homes, there are electricity connections in the paddock

The night after our event

  • Staying overnight for free is allowed @ P4

In the paddock and in the boxes conventional as well as 3-pole (blue) EURO “Camping”-plugs can be used (= of the type “16 AMP two-pole”).

In the centre of the paddock there is a building with showers and toilets, all free of charge.

  • It is forbidden to leave your worn tyres in the paddock
  • Drilling or making holes in the ground is prohibited (for example, to secure your tent)
  • No smoking in the boxes, the pitlane and along the circuit
  • Children are not permitted to walk around the pitlane without being accompanied
  • It is forbidden to bring animals to the entire race track area
  • Prohibited Go-Pro mounting
  • It is forbidden to make “Burnouts”, “Wheelies” or “Stoppies” under penalty of a fine of € 1.000 (imposed by the race track)
  • Forbidden in and around the boxes:
    • Smoking
    • Welding
    • Fire
    • BBQ with fire
    • Storage of gasoline
  • Motorcycle which is technically 100 % fit
  • dB-killer: only standard exhausts, and after markeet exhausts with dB-killers are authorised
  • Environmental mat
  • Motorcycle riders gearing:
    • leather suit (one-piece recommended, two-pieces authorised)
    • back protector
    • boots
    • gloves
    • fullface helmet
  • Enough water | Fruit | Energy bars
  • ID-card
  • Credit card
  • Smartphone
  • Filled in and signed waiver of liability
  • Good temper, discipline, good-fellowship, well-trained body and clear mind

Download waiver of liability

Why follow us?

Cancellations / Waiting lists

  • 80 % of our events are 1 upto 3 months in advance sold out;
  • We don't use waiting lists for those who were too late to book, who would like to have a chance to buy a place from someone who cancels his participation;
  • But - for events which are already fully booked - each cancellation of a place, is immediately communicated on our Facebook page;
  • This means that everybody who has liked our FB page, will immediately be informed about new free places;

Instant info

Short "instant info" will be communicated only via our Facebook page, as for example:

  • The practical information from an event which went online minutes ago, or just has been completed;
  • Access to the paddock is possible from now on (if earlier than planned);
  • There are 2 cancellations for fully booked event X, in group Y or Z;
  • Very well known person X just informed us that he / she will be participating @ event Y;
  • The pictures of event Z are from now on online;
  • ...

Photos and Videos

  • On our websites, you can find from each event a selection of some photos;
  • On our Facebook page, we put a lot more images from each event (photos, short - non professional - movies, etc.);


  • Via our Facebook page, you can easily communicate with other participants, without knowing them before;
  • You would like to drive together to an event, or you have a place free on your trailer, etc.? It all can be communicated on our Facebook page!

EYBIS on Facebook

Contact us


  • management@eybis.com
  • Always state your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code
  • Emails without this information will be deleted without replying to them