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  • MISANO 2021

Mail -> Participants | 08.09.2021



Mail -> Participants | 01.06.2021



    • Both events have been canceled by both resp. circuits, due to current COVID-19 restrictions

E-Mail to all participants 17.04.2021


    • Some participants tested positive after their return home

E-Mail to all participants 28.10.2020


    • Mandatory COVID-19 test to be performed in advance
    • Administrative formalities

E-Mail to all participants 12.10.2020


  • PORTIMAO 2020
    • Three days Portimao instead of two
    • No Estoril
    • Voucher for the fourth riding day will follow

E-Mail to all participants 28.08.2020

Communication of 28.08.2020


    • Due to the Corona virus, the Bol d'Or @ Paul Ricard is canceled
    • It will be replaced by a new 12h from Estoril ... on our date

Communication of 18.08.2020


  • LE MANS 2020
    • New date due to the 24 Hours of LE MANS that was placed on our original date
    • Possibility for all participants to cancel or accept the new date

Mail to participants 26.06.2020


  • LE MANS 2020
    • Original date canceled, new date known
    • Communication via our FB page


  • MAGNY-COURS 2020

    • E-mail sent to all registered participants @ our event @ Magny-Cours, with information about the cancellation of the event and the conversion of 100 % of the paid registration amount into voucher(s), valid until the end of 2023.

Mail to participants 07.06.2020


  • RED BULL RING 2020

    • E-mail sent to all registered participants @ our event @ the Red Bull Ring, with information about the cancellation of the event and the conversion of 100 % of the paid registration amount into voucher(s), valid until the end of 2023.

Mail to participants 04.06.2020


  • RED BULL RING 2020

    • Canceled

Calendar 2020 - Current situation


  • MAGNY-COURS 2020

    • Canceled

Calendar 2020 - Current situation



Corona - Specific measures


  • METTET 2020
    • Mail to the participants that we had to cancel

E-mail to canceled participants


  • METTET 2020
    • Staying overnight in the paddock is not allowed
    • Less motorcycles / participants allowed

Mail to participants 19.05.2020


  • COVID-19 video communication n° 4
    • Update Hockenheimring and Mettet

Newsletter 17.05.2020


    • Update INFO

Video comm. 16.05.2020


    • Latest information about the border issue(s)
    • Problem for French and Swiss
    • Cancellation terms

Mail to participants 15.05.2020


  • METTET 2020
    • Latest information about the border issue(s)
    • Problem for French and Swiss
    • Cancellation terms

Mail to participants 14.05.2020


  • Hockenheimring - Mettet - Lédenon - Red Bull Ring

    • Quid?
  • Border issues

    • Quid?
  • E-mail

    • Always your full name + mobile phone number with country code at the bottom please; if not, your e-mail has the lowest priority
    • For example:

Michel Otard
+ 32 467 432 879

Video comm. 09.05.2020


  • Hockenheimring - Mettet - Lédenon - Red Bull Ring
    • Update

Newsletter 08.05.2020


  • RED BULL RING 2020 - Original date again

2nd mail to participants 07.05.2020


  • PAUL RICARD 2020 = canceled!

Mail to participants 05.05.2020


  • RED BULL RING 2020 = canceled!

1st mail to participants 30.04.2020


  • RIJEKA 2020 = canceled!

Mail to participants 22.04.2020


  • COVID-19 communication

Newsletter 21.04.2020


  • Hockenh. - Mettet - Red Bull

Our March, April and May 2020 events have since been canceled or rescheduled.
What is the latest information and what is our perception about our 3 upcoming events:

    • Hockenheimring
      • Saturday-Sunday
      • 13-14 June 2020
    • Mettet
      • Saturday-Sunday-Monday
      • 13-14-15 June 2020
    • Red Bull Ring
      • Saturday-Sunday-Monday
      • 11-12-13 July 2020

Video comm. 20.04.2020


  • NOGARO 2020 = canceled!

Mail to participants 18.04.2020

  • LÉDENON 2020 = moved!

Mail to participants 18.04.2020


  • CALAFAT 2020 = canceled!

Mail to participants 25.03.2020

  • Annulatie VALENCIA + ARAGON 2020

2nd mail to participants 20.03.2020


  • Newsletter

Newsletter 20.03.2020

  • What if an event is canceled?

Video comm. 20.03.2020


  • First communication

Communication 15.03.2020


  • Circuits VALENCIA and ARAGON cancel our Event!

1st mail to participants 14.03.2020

Instant INFO

Instant info is mainly communicated via the EYBIS Facebook page. Like our page to stay informed of the latest news!

EYBIS on Facebook

Bike Storage & Transport

If desired, you can fly and / or drive - without a trailer behind your car - to all our events.
We can stock your bike and rider equipment for as long as you want in our secure headquarters in Bruges (Belgium).
We then bring your bike and rider equipment to all the EYBIS events of your choice.
When you arrive at the track, everything is ready in a pit box: your bike on your paddock stands on a black EYBIS environmental mat of 240 x 90 cm, and your rider equipment and chair next to it.

Go to "Events | Book", and click on "Full INFO", under the name of the track | event in which you are interested.

What will you find there:

  • Where is the circuit?
  • Directions to the circuit
  • What is included in the price?
  • Bike transport (where applicable)
    • From what countries?
    • Where are the collection points?
    • What can you bring?
    • What about insurance?
    • Etc.
  • Flying to the event
    • What airport to fly choose?
    • What is the distance to the circuit?
  • Car rental information
  • Overnight stay
  • Noise limits
  • Time table
  • Circuit layout
  • Where to fuel?
  • Food and drinks: where?
  • Information about the pit boxes
  • Address and paddock acces
  • Website of the circuit
  • Etc.

By you as a customer

Is possible

Cancel an event is always possible in "normal circumstances" (see below for its definition).

Send a Mail

  • To
  • Subject: "Cancellation of event X"
  • State your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code (+44, etc.)
    • The clear statement that you wish to cancel event X

Validity period

  • Vouchers will be edited that are valid until the end of the second season, after the end of the current season;
  • Example: a cancelled event during season X, leads to vouchers that are valid until the end of season X+2;
  • You 'll find those vouchers in your "My page" after being logged in on our website;
  • Vouchers are non-nominative, so can also be used for a registration of a friend;
  • You just have to give your voucher number to the other person and he / she can use it at his registration;
  • Our system accepts one voucher per booking;

Where find them?

You can find the vouchers in your "My page" ( after having signed in on ).

Number of vouchers

One voucher per canceled track day.

Admin. / cancellation costs

The "administration / cancellation costs" can be considered as:

  • real administration costs;
  • a kind of cancellation insurance which you only pay as soon as you really use it as such;

The amount of these costs depends on the time of cancellation:

Time of cancellation

Admin. cost

Till 6 wks before event 25 €
Till 4 wks before event 45 €
Till 3 wks before event 45 % (1)
Till 2 wks before event 50 % (1)
1 week before event 75 % (1)
Later (2) 90 % (1)


  1. Of the booking price
  2. Less than 3 days before the start of an event, cancelling is not possible anymore. The start of an event = the evening before the first riding session on track, at 18.00.

By EYBIS due to force majeure

Examples of force majeure:

  • Cancellation of the event by the ccircuit for any reason;
  • Prohibitions of the government that:
    • prohibit (the organisation of) events during the period in which the event is scheduled;
    • make the event so difficult to organise, that it is no longer reasonably feasible;
  • One or more of the following circumstances that make the organisation of the event iimpossible, dangerous and/or unreasonable:
    • an earthquake, a tidal wave, a flood or another natural disaster;
    • a terrorist attack, war, uprising, riot, strike or closure of national borders;
    • an epidemic or pandemic;

As soon as an example of force majeure described above manifests itself, there is no longer any question of "normal circumstances" as mentioned at the very top.

We advise you to:

  • always take a cancellation insurance before you book anything (travel, flight ticket, event, concert, etc.);
  • inform you through your insurer about what exactly is and is not covered by the numerous existing cancellation insurance policies, because these can be very different;

Some examples:

    • Allianz Assistance
      • Royal Service
      • World Royal Protection
    • AG Insurance
      • Yearly cancellation contract
    • AXA Assistance
      • Excellence
    • DVV
      • Custom travel insurance
      • Cancellation insurance
    • Europ Assistance
      • Smart
      • Sport
      • VIP
      • NoGo
    • Touring Assistance
      • No Stop Full
      • No Stop Relax
    • VAB
      • Holiday package
      • Multi package
    • Nomad
      • Nomad assistance

In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, we will do everything within our reasonable possibilities to offer you - as a customer (read: registered participant) - the CHOICE between the following options, regardless of the fact whether or not you had taken a cancellation insurance before booking:

  1. Postponement of the event
    • Provided that the circuit - from an event that has been cancelled - is able to propose to us a new date this year, which is acceptable to us;
    • You will be informed of this eventual new date ASAP;
  2. Vouchers
    • Conversion of your registration amount for 100 %;
    • No cost to you;
    • Valid for three years from date of issue;
    • Vouchers are not personal and can be used by anyone;
    • Voucher modalities
      • if it concerns a multi-day event, one voucher will be made per registered day;
      • our booking system accepts 1 voucher per booking;
  3. Refund
    • We refund 65 % of your payment, provided that the track first reimbursed us;
    • In the event of a partial reimbursement, we will be obliged to make a pro rata refund;
    • Please note: this is a financial reimbursement on your bank account and not a credit with voucher(s);
    • If you choose this option, you will not have any recourse afterwards regarding the remaining 35 %;
    • The ratio 65/35 is based on the price composition of an entrance ticket to an event of ours, i.e.:
      • 65 % DIRECT COSTS
      • These costs should not be incurred if an event is canceled
        • rental of the track
        • travel expenses
        • insurance of the event
        • operating costs on the spot
      • 35 % INDIRECT COSTS
      • These costs have already been incurred, regardless of whether an event is canceled or not
        • visit and negotiation with the different tracks to get ddates (time, fuel, rates, etc.)
        • contract negotiations
        • elaboration of all information about the event, in 4 languages
        • putting all the information online, in 4 languages
        • follow-up of registrations
        • administration costs
        • communication costs (a fortiori in connection with cancelations; see e.g. our section "COVID-19 | All communication" on our homepage)
        • answering e-mails
        • answering phone calls
        • office expenses
          • office rent
          • workshop rent containing our equipment to organise the events
          • leasings, rentings of the vehicles and trailers for bringing the organisational material to the events
          • electricity
          • water
          • gas
          • insurances
            • building / workshop
            • vehicles
            • trailers
            • others
          • taxes
            • building / workshop
            • environmental tax
            • vehicles
            • trailers
            • others
          • accounting costs
          • graphic costs for making the visuals of the events
          • monthly Mailchimp costs for sending newsletters
          • publicity costs for promoting events on Facebook
          • publicity costs for promoting events on Instagram
        • etc.


  • The Dutch text is the legal version; all others are translations without any legal validity;
  • In the event of any disputes, Belgian law applies, and the court of Bruges is the only competent authority;

Buy a voucher

Max. 1 per booking

Our registration system accepts maximum one voucher per booking.

Where find them?

If you have vouchers, you can find them in your "My page" ( after having signed in on ).


Our vouchers are non-nominative.
Meaning that you can give or sell it to someone else who can use them as well.
You just have to give your voucher number to the other person and he / she can use it at his registration.

Validity period

If you notice you will not be able to use one or more vouchers before the expiry date, you can send an e-mail to, with the simple request to extend your voucher(s).
We do this free of charge and without any explanation is needed as long as the validity period has not yet expired.



Buy a voucher

If you wish to cancel a wrongly booked event, you will fall under the terms of "Cancellation of an event".

Cancellation of an event

A team of coaches is at your disposal, upon your request on site, this service is free of charge and included in the price.
You only have to come to the INFO point (in the EYBIS pitbox)d at the event to be helped and assisted shortly thereafter.

Registration can only be done online via this website, and payment can only be made by credit card (MasterCard and Visa).

Payment costs:

  • for bookings less than 2 months before an event, 2,5 % payments costs are added
  • in all other cases there are no payment costs

Instant info is mainly communicated via the EYBIS Facebook page.

Like our page to stay informed of the latest news!

EYBIS on Facebook

  • With EYBIS, the Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance is included in your enrolment price since years;
  • Some circuits require a license. The only reason for this is that there is a TPL insurance included in it;
  • Because we provide for all participants - included in the price - such a TPL insurance, a license is not requested during our events and yet you are fully okay;

Optionally bookable at any event


  • 10.000 € in case of death
  • 50.000 € in case of disablement
  • 100.000 € in case of total disablement
  • ...


  • 15 € / day


Insurance Conditions

Usually this is impossible

Normally, you can test a BMW during a session of 20' on the circuit.
Renting a BMW for a day or a complete event is usually impossible.

In next cases however, it's possible

For people who can prove that geographically they come from too far to be able to bring their own motorcycle to our event, we can make an exception.

Concretely this usually means: living outside Europe.

That way, we already could welcome at our events clients coming from:

  • Australia
  • California (USA)
  • Canada
  • Lebanon
  • Russia
  • South-Africa
  • South-America

The number of motorcycles is limited.


Included in the price of 600 € / day are:

  • tyre warmers
  • set tyres
  • fuel consumption
  • mechanic that permanently keeps the bike in good condition:
    • check before the start of the day on the circuit
      • oil level
      • chain tension
      • brake pads
      • tyre condition
      • fuel tank
    • check before the start of your first session
      • tyre temperature
  • refueling whenever necessary
  • insurance, with a franchise of 2.000 €

To pay in cash on the spot: 600 € / day + 2.000 € caution
At the end of the event, we refund your caution of 2.000 €, unless your rental bike would be damaged


Send a mail to, stipulating

  1. to what event you would like to come
  2. in what country you live
  3. that you would like to rent an S 1000 RR

Ater internal approval of your request for a rental bike, EYBIS will confirm by mail that there is an S 1000 RR reserved for you during the concerned event.

Book the event, and pay with credit card.

The evening before the event, come to the administration desk in the EYBIS box to fulfill all the necessary administrative formalities and to be introduced to your BMW and your mechanic. "Fulfilling administrative formalities" concerns:

  • Submit
    • ID card
    • Drivers licence
    • Credit card
  • Fill out and sign the rental agreement
  • Payment of rent and caution money in cash

Contact us


  • Always state your:
    • First and last name
    • GSM-n° with country code
  • Emails without this information will be deleted without replying to them